How much is machine quilting?

Machine quilting  is $.02 per square inch for all edge to edge designs (there is a minimum order of $45).
There are no thread charges.
Batting is not included in the machine quilting price.

All quilts are quilted with a medium density, as shown in the gallery.

To estimate the machine quilting cost for your quilt, measure your quilt top and refer to the following example:

50″ x 70″ = 3,500 square inches
3,500 x $.02 = $70.00

What is the turnaround time?

Current turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks (14 days) and does not include weekends or holidays. If you need a faster turnaround time, please inquire about our rush service.

I'm local, how do I use your machine quilting services?

If you are local and wish to use our machine quilting services, submit a service order. Once we receive the order, we’ll contact you to arrange a drop-off appointment.

Mail-in service.

Mail your quilt to:

1325 W. Sunshine Street
Springfield, MO 65807

Please make sure your package is taped and securely closed. It is also a good idea to place the contents of your package in a plastic bag in case it is exposed to the elements during transit. 

It is ideal to get tracking for all quilts being shipped. If the quilt you are sending is irreplaceable and very special to you, use signature confirmation and/or additional insurance as you see fit. Crinklelove cannot be responsible for packages we do not receive.

How to prepare your quilt top for machine quilting.
  1. Make sure your seams are secure and have been pressed down. Pay extra attention to bulky seams and try to get them as flat as possible.
  2. If the quilt top and backing have a designated top and bottom, please mark them accordingly.
  3. Clip any dark threads on the back of the quilt top that could show up through a light background.
  4. Check your quilt top for any foreign objects – like sewing pins that have been left behind. The longarm doesn’t like those at all.
Batting & backing requirements.
  1. Your quilt back will need to be 4″ larger than your quilt top on all four sides. Get as close to 4 inches as possible. Bigger is not better in this case, as we prefer not to load a king size backing for a throw size quilt. (Example:  If your quilt top is 60 x 70, your batting and backing should measure 68 x 78)
  2. If you are using prepackaged batting, please cut it down to the same size as your backing. If we need to do it, there is a $10 fee.
  3. Please trim up your quilt back so that it is square and has even edges. This has to be done before it is loaded onto the machine. If we need to do it, there is a $10 fee.
How and when do I pay?

No payment is required up front. Once we have finished the quilting, you will receive an electronic invoice which will need to be paid before we ship or schedule a pick-up appointment. The balance must be paid within 14 days, or the quilt becomes the property of Crinklelove.

Do you offer a rush service?

Quilts are completed on a first in, first out basis, however rush service is available for an additional $65. This will move your quilt to the front of the queue and it will be completed the next business day.

Do you do custom quilting?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for custom quilting at this time. If you are not sure what the difference between custom quilting and edge to edge quilting is, click here to see.

Do you piece quilt backs?

We do not piece quilt backs, but we do have a selection of wide backing fabrics available. Click here to see our backings.

Do you offer binding/finishing services?

We do not offer binding/finishing services at this time.

Can I use minky, voile, cotton lawn, double gauze, etc. for a quilt back?

You are welcome to use what you like for your quilt back. However, please understand that machine tension can be affected by mixing different weights and weaves of fabric. We will make every effort to ensure it’s the best it can be.

Will you make a quilt for me?

We do not make quilts on a commission basis.